Invictus Releases [EP]

Possession – Anneliese 7″

Year: 2014 | SKU: IP062 | Formats: EP | Availability: In Stock

7″ vinyl available in 3 wax colors: black (limited to 500 copies) (this one), yellow (limited to 250 copies) and red (limited to 250 copies). Comes in 280gsm cardboard jacket with gloss varnish. Released in cooperation with Invictus Productions. Limited to 1000 copies.

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Vomitor – Neutron Hammer 7″

Year: 2002 | SKU: IP003 | Formats: EP | Availability: Sold Out

Released in March 2002, VOMITOR’s “Neutron Hammer” is old style Death Metal as if 1987 had never ended. Limited to 500 copies and sold out instantly!

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Allfather – Allfather 10″

Year: 2003 | SKU: N/A | Formats: EP | Availability: Sold Out

ALLFATHER’s brutal demo from 1999 on 10″ vinyl. Released in 2003, limited to 350 copies & long sold out!

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Sol Axis – To Mark The Ages 10″

Year: 2005 | SKU: IP009 | Formats: EP | Availability: In Stock

Avant Garde, dark, apocalyptic. Taking the Black Metal sound further. Totally un-trendy, revolutionary dark Metal. Hymns to celebrate ragnarok and the cleansing of the ages. Deluxe gatefold 10” vinyl.

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Destroyer 666 – See You In Hell 7″

Year: 2010 | SKU: IP025 | Formats: EP | Availability: Sold Out

Destroyer 666 need no introduction to the world. An Aussie institution since the mid 1990s the band has resided in Europe since 2001 and have wreaked a campaign of lycanthropic terrorism across the world. Fusing base, carnal and primal instincts with disdained observation of the deteriorating world we all so lovingly continue to destroy, the […]

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Negative Plane – Stained Glass Revelations 7″

Year: 2011 | SKU: IP028 | Formats: EP | Availability: Sold Out

Negative Plane’s second album, taking their eerie, occult laden Black Metal to another level. Almost fitting to be a soundtrack to an Edgar Allen Poe novel, ‘Stained Glass Revelations’ is an exceptional piece of work, elevating the band to scene leaders. Double vinyl record with exclusive booklet and art from Timo Ketola.

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Occultation – Somber Dawn 7″

Year: 2011 | SKU: IP039 | Formats: EP | Availability: Sold Out

Occultation is a New York trio that can best be described as eerie, drab, experimental, occult sounding heavy metal. Reminiscent of the Gothic horror of Edgar Allen Poe, Occultation deliver an ambient and atmospheric combination of occult rock mixed with metal. This low-key three-piece band (featuring none other than Nameless Void from black metal legends […]

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