Invictus Releases [CD]

Throaat – Black Speed CD

Year: 2015 | SKU: IP036 | Formats: CD | Availability: In Stock

A true power-trio in the grand tradition of Motorhead and Venom – whom they cover here with “In League With Satan” – Throaat have been prolifically perfecting their craft the last couple years across a slew of demo and EP releases. Now, with the five-song Black Speed, the band have hit a fever pitch, distilling […]

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Spite – Antimoshiach CD Digipak

Year: 2018 | SKU: IP124 | Formats: CD | Availability: In Stock

n the tenth year of Satan’s millennium, the temple of Spite began its erection. Three warnings from the depths have since been issued: a demonstration of the rites of desecration, an exhibition of countless blasphemy, and a declaration of the binding of the lord in the pentagram’s grasp. The seventh horn has now sounded and the Devil’s […]

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Spearhead – Decrowning The Irenarch

Year: 2007 | SKU: IP016 | Formats: CD LP | Availability: In Stock

Distributed By – PHD Recorded At – Hertz Studio Artwork [Front] – Manuel Tinnemans Artwork [Logo Design] – Barghest (2) Bass, Vocals [Oration] – Barghest (2) Drums [Battery] – Vortigern (3) Engineer – Slawek*, Wojtek* Layout – Lindsay A. Kerr, Vortigern (3) Lead Guitar – Nephilim (9) Lyrics By – Barghest (2) Mixed By, Mastered […]

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Solstice White Horse Hill CD

Year: 2018 | SKU: IP127 | Formats: CD | Availability: In Stock

After issuing two vinyl only mini albums on our own WHITE HORSE label in 2014 and 2016 respectively (“DEATH’S CROWN IS VICTORY”, and a limited promotional version of early demo tracks from this album entitled “TO SOL A THANE”) the resulting impetus has bought us around to completing the musical work that is “WHITE HORSE […]

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Sepulchral Temple s/t Digipack CD

Year: 2015 | SKU: IP054 | Formats: CD | Availability: In Stock

Artwork – Roni Ärling Drums, Vocals, Guitar – VVSXL Photography By – Rosalba Curlio Producer – Sepulchral Temple Vocals – THLLTNJ Vocals [Additional], Guitar [Additional] – Butcher (17) Vocals, Guitar, Bass – NNTRVKM Comes in a 6 panel Digifile with a pocket for the disc

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Reverie – Bliss CD

Year: 2015 | SKU: IP070 | Formats: CD | Availability: In Stock

Artwork – Tobias Holmbeck Bass Guitar – Andreas Nielsen (2) Drums – Adam Ccsquele Nielsen* Electric Guitar – Andreas Bunin Trap-Jensen Lacquer Cut By – Ram (33) Layout – David Mikkelsen Mastered By – Peter Peter Producer – Jens Benz, Reverie (8) Recorded By – Jens Benz, Nis Bysted Vocals – Halfdan Holden Venlov

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Reveal – Nocturne Of Eyes & Teeth CD

Year: 2012 | SKU: IP041 | Formats: CD | Availability: In Stock

Reveal’s debut was a sudden fist in the face that struck many by surprise and completely unpreparedly. Waster, the ashes of which they rose from, were hardly known outside the borders of Uppsala; and not many knew of Reveal when ‘Nocturne Of Eyes And Teeth’ was unleashed via High Roller last year, who again proved […]

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Qrixkuor – Three Devils Dance

Year: 2016 | SKU: IP080 | Formats: CD LP MC | Availability: In Stock

“Then there appeared to them divided tongues, as of fire, and one sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.” INVICTUS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the debut mini album of London’s QRIXKUOR, Three Devils Dance. QRIXKUOR was […]

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Qrixkuor – Incantations from the Abyss CD

Year: 2017 | SKU: IP107 | Formats: CD | Availability: In Stock

QRIXKUOR was born of flame and baptised in blood in the year MMXI. Their first utterance was the 19-minute demo ‘Consecration of the Temple,’ containing the track of the same name and ‘Morte Datores,’ which was recorded in the West Midlands in mid-MMXIII and released unto the world at the debut live ritual, on April […]

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Predatory Light – S/T

Year: 2016 | SKU: IP087 | Formats: CD LP | Availability: In Stock

“The Predatory Light seeks to peel the mind and inseminate the spirit-cortex with the corrosive fluid of divine transgression.”  Today, American black metal vanguard Predatory Lightpremiere the new track “Laughing Wound” at Decibelmagazine’s website. The track hails from the band’s forthcoming debut album, Predatory Light, set to be released on CD by Invictus Productions on September 22nd and the vinyl co-released by Invictus and Psychic Violence. In […]

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