Hecatomb Horrid Invocations MLP/MCD out Friday May 7th

From the very depths of hell comes Hecatomb who unleash their Horrid Invocations MLP/MCD on Friday May 7th! Vicious, feral Death Metal in a raw and raucous manner. For the undead and already dead! Check it out streaming in full at Bandcamp now; Horrid Invocations by HecatombAvailable on black vinyl and red vinyl. Pre order […]
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Posted: 03rd March 2021

Coscradh ‘Mesradh Machae’ 7″ out Friday May 7th

Ireland’s Coscradh have a brand new 7″ titled Mesradh Mache out on Friday May 7th! Limited to 300 copies on regular black vinyl and a limited red vinyl run. Check out the track Plagues of Knowth on Bandcamp; Mesradh Machae by Coscradh
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Posted: 01st March 2021

Attention! Achtung! Attenzione! Important Shipping Information For Invictus Orders!

From January 1st 2021, new shipping processes were applied to all DHL Global Mail (Paket) packages, which we were never informed of. This has meant that all non EU orders shipped since January 13th when we recommenced shipping have been returning to us on a daily basis. We’ve reshipped all returned orders to date but […]
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Posted: 25th February 2021