Now seems like a good time to try shift more items and clear shelf space for the new releases coming in over the next few months!! 30-50% off older item LP/CD/Cassette/Merch!
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Posted: 17th November 2021

Diocletian, Malokarpatan, Necromaniac & Sépulcre merch for pre order!

We currently have a ton of new merch at print and out next month! Diocletian pull over and zipper hoodies, Malokarpatan t shirts, long sleeves & hooded sweatshirts, Necromaniac shirts and Sépulcre t shirts and long sleeves. Limited amount of each and all available for pre order now and shipping around Dec 10th!
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Posted: 11th November 2021

Antediluvian – 3 CD Box Set w/patch

Available for order now & shipping to customers on Monday November 15th! Exclusive Antediluvian CD box set featuring Watchers’ Reign I, Watchers Reign II and Through The Cervix of Hawaah CDs. Housed in a wooden hardboard box with a screen printed canvas cover and complete with a woven patch. Individual CDs of all three titles […]
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Posted: 10th November 2021