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Hideous Death and Tempters Sacrament demos out Friday October 1st!

Hideous Death ‘Remnants of Archaic Evil’ demo tape! Death/Thrash in the style of Infernal Majesty, Pestilence, Necrovore, Incubus. Check out the demo title track streaming at Bandcamp now! Remnants of Archaic Evil by Hideous Death Tempters Sacrament ‘Temptation Steel Scourge’ coming soon! In the meantime, enjoy ‘Megiddo Ecstasy’ from the demo streaming on Bandcamp! Temptation […]
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Posted: 27th August 2021

Qrixkuor Poison Palinopsia LP/CD/CS/Digital OUT NOW!

After a wait of half a decade, Qrixkuor’s stunning debut LP, Poison Palinopsia is finally out now! Available on LP/CD/CS and streaming digitally. Merch also available!      
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Posted: 25th August 2021

Diocletian Doom Cult & War of All Against All CD Digipaks out now!

For the first time since their original releases in 2009 and 2010 respectively, the first 2 Diocletian albums, Doom Cult and War of All Against All, are now available on CD Digipak!
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Posted: 26th July 2021